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We are a company with over eighty years of experience in the manufacture of electrical products. The roots of Selfa date back to 1932, when Fabryka Grzejników Elektrycznych (Factory of Electric Heaters) was established in Gródek near Toruń.

Since 1951, the company has been based in Szczecin, where the production of electrical heating equipment and heating elements has been carried out for many years.

In 2004 we expanded our business profile to include renewable energy sources and in 2012 we launched a modern automated line for the production of photovoltaic modules.
Fot. Selfa Fotowoltaika - produkcja paneli słonecznych

Photo: Selfa – Production of solar panels

In 100%, Polish capital and long-standing tradition are not the only features that distinguish us from other Polish and European manufacturers. Our location in the country and a dense sales network ensure immediate service during both the purchase process and any maintenance service that may be required.

As part of the adopted strategy of the "Environmentally Friendly Company", since mid-2018, our photovoltaic modules have been produced using green energy from the Sun.
The total power of our roof and ground systems is 1,182 kW, which allows the company to produce around 1200 MWh of green energy, covering 100% of the demand for electricity of both plants.

Panele słoneczne fotowoltaiczne zasilają zakład produkcyjny w Szczecinie   Panele słoneczne fotowoltaiczne zasilają zakład produkcyjny w Starym Czarnowie pod Szczecinem

Photo: Solar panels powering the plant in Szczecin


Photo: Solar panels powering the plant in Stare Czarnowo

We are aware that today what matters in a company is not only its financial performance and product quality but also its impact on the environment and local community. We carry out our projects with care for the environment and respect for nature.

Environmentally Friendly Company

With the aim of developing new technologies and enabling modern quality and durability research on the materials used and our products, in 2019, we built and properly equipped the Research and Development Centre.

The roots of SELFA 

Selfa history and the present 88 years of tradition 


71-042 Szczecin
ul. Bieszczadzka 14

Register: District Court of the city of Szczecin
17th Commercial Division KRS 0000004595
Share capital: PLN 800,000 – paid in full

Working hours of sales department: 7:00 – 15:00
Warehouse opening hours: 7:00 – 15:00

NIP 852-22-99-864, REGON 812026229
Account number: PLN 47 1020 4795 0000 9702 0177 4603

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