Energy from Sun

Sun is widely recognized as a source of inexhaustible and most environmentally friendly energy sources

Photovoltaic module


Photovoltaic module

It is an basic element of home photovoltaic systems, solar power plants, street lighting, traffic signs, etc.




Using high quality materials from a well known and valued suppliers and quality our products approved by Institute for Research and Certification VDE, we provide long-term warranty for proper operation of modules and as well as latent defects warranty.



Technologia produkcji modułów fotowoltaicznych

about-us-boxTradition and experience of Selfa back to 1932. Started the production of heating elements in Grodek Power Plant. After the war the company was moved to Szczecin. From the beginning, the company has placed great emphasis on the development of new technologies and therefore has developed rapidly acting Technical Department. Engineering staff is able to meet the most demanding customers in terms of electrical heating. Selfa - as the pioneer – introduced domestic oil heaters, infrared heaters and other household appliances. In 2000 the company was converted into a public company. Selfa responds to the needs of the market. Observing the changes in the energy market in Poland, the need of diversification, implementation of new technologies and the need to develop renewable energy sources Selfa Board decided to set up a new manufacturing plant - SOLARVOLT in Stare Czarnowo as well as implementation of the Polish market of photovoltaics. We are expanding our product range in cooperation with universities and research institutes industry.

    • Set with a nominal power 3.36 kWp (Module SV60P-240)
    • 14 pieces
    • Inverter: Powador 3200 TL
    • Wiring: 40 mb
    • Connectors: 2 pieces
    • Area of modules: 23.8 m2
    • Weight of modules: 280 kg
    • The estimated production of electricity:
      3 278 kWh / year
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    • Set with a nominal power 4.56 kWp (Module SV60P-240)
    • 19 pieces
    • Inverter: Powador 5300 TL
    • Wiring: 40 mb
    • Connectors: 2 pieces
    • Area of modules: 32.3 m2
    • Weight of modules: 380 kg
    • The estimated production of electricity:
      4 448 kWh / year
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    • Set with a nominal power 6.72 kWp (Module SV60P-240)
    • 28 pieces
    • Inverter: Powador 6600 TL
    • Wiring: 80 mb
    • Connectors: 4 pieces
    • Area of modules: 47.6 m2
    • Weight of modules: 560 kg
    • The estimated production of electricity:
      6 559 kWh / year
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SELFA GE S.A. Company has extensive experience in the manufacturing technology of silicon photovoltaic...

Photovoltaic module SV60P

Polikrystaliczny Sprawność: 15%


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