Photovoltaic modules

PREMIUM 410W photovoltaic module

SV108M.3 BLACK FRAME series with a power of 410Wp
PREMIUM 410W photovoltaic module

BLACK FRAME monocrystalline modules have the highest efficiency thanks to the combination of "half-cut" technology and PERC cells.

Even greater reliability has been achieved thanks to the MULTI BUSBAR technology.
Modules are manufactured to positive power tolerance only and come with a 30-year manufacturer's warranty as standard.

The highest strength parameters, confirmed by the accredited KIWA laboratory:
wind: 5400 Pa (≈ 551 kg / m2)
snow: 8000 Pa (≈ 816 kg / m2)
hail: Ø55mm (v = 33.9m / s)
The latest HALF-CUT technology of Polish photovoltaic modules
HALF-CUT technology

Higher power and lower losses

Reduced HOT effect in Polish photovoltaic-SPOT modules
Reduced HOT-SPOT effect
SELF-C technology facilitates self-cleaning in photovoltaic panels
SELF-C technology

Module with a self-cleaning surface

Even greater reliability
Only positive power tolerance in solar modules
Only positive power tolerance
PID free - greater resistance of solar panels
PID free
Greater resistance to potential degradation

Greater resistance to degradation potential

Increased mechanical strength of photovoltaic modules
Increased mechanical strength
Ogniwa PERC zmniejszenie strat mocy w modułach fotowoltaicznych
PERC cells

Highest efficiency thanks to modern cell technology.

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SELFA Warranty

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