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Inverters and power optimisers


SolarEdge has been operating in the photovoltaic industry since 2006 with numerous successes. The developed technology, allowing for the optimisation of the power of a PV system, has gained many supporters both in Poland and abroad. In addition to the inverter and modules, the system also consists of power optimisers that are mounted on each module. 

Service throughout Poland
Manufacturer’s warranty: 12 years for inverters and 25 years for optimisers



Maximum power from each module

Photo: SolarEdge

More power = more profit and less expense. One less efficient photovoltaic module connected to a traditional chain inverter has a negative impact on the efficiency of the entire chain. The SolarEdge system minimises this effect, ensuring the maximum performance of each module at all times. In the photovoltaic system, each module has an individual maximum power point (MPP). Differences between modules result in power losses. Power losses can be caused by:

  • contamination
  • manufacturing tolerance
  • potential shadowing in the future
  • snow
  • bird droppings
  • leaves

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